Monitoring Devices


Price: $210.00

Device with built in Temperature Probe

Temperature Sensor - 20'

Price: $28.00

20 foot Temperature Probe


Price: $307.00

Device that supports up to 16 digital Sensors and is expandable

Power Cube

Price: $221.00

Monitoring Power Loss and Control Hard Power Restarts

Input/Output Expander (IOE)

Price: $467.00

IOE adds 32 additional analog devices.

WatchDog 100

Price: $269.00

Price: With PoE $311.00

SMB Device with 4 Analog Ports

DataCenter Monitoring


Protect your production enviroment with EnviroTrack. Monitoring your temperature and humidity, power and even security to your devices can provide you peace of mind...


24/7 Power Monitoring


Without power your business is in the dark, literally. EnviroTrack is a powerful tool to protect you and your company from being shut down due to power issues.


Food Storage Monitoring

storage monitoring

Food storage is a major investment for restaraunts, retail locations and school districts. Protect that investment by monitoring all the environmental factors


24/7 Remote Notifications


Alerts are created off any threshold met. Texts to your cell phone& emails to your support staff inbox. Alerts can be used for response documentation and response...


Customers About Envirotrack

  • Vendor Neutral Monitoring !!! It eliminated the issues of upgrading equipment.

  • We needed central management and something to automate our monitoring needs...

  • Power, temperature and remote notifications, this was a no brainer...

    Miguel Sanchez, Everman ISD

Full Purchase

1Customers with muliple locations should deploy system internally for maximum results. Customer can centralize management of all locations

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Leasing Purchase

2This option is the same as a full purchase but customers can lease to own product to eliminate upfront expense..

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Rental Options

3Customers who want to have monthly expense for specific accounting depreciation. Rent full system for monthly charge.

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ASP Deployment

4ASP deployments are for smaller single customer locations. Customers usually just want to be notified of an issue and don't need extras services like reporting, employee tracking, etc

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